Lucy (40:19)
So another hunt begins as couple Michelle and Rino cruise..
Cameron (39:24)
Our couple today is on their way to this fund raiser thin..
Crystal (37:59)
After 11 years of marriage it's really ok to spice up you..
Katie (41:57)
"It's my fucking day off, I should be drinking beer and j..
Kaci (29:05)
We met this girl in the gym today and invited her home fo..
Veronica (43:32)
"Can we come up there?" .. "Sure, I just met this girl wh..
Lexxi (42:29)
Lexxi was just supposed to get a ride home, she lives in ..
Chase (41:02)
"Why are you guys filming this?".. This is just a little ..
Charlotte (34:51)
So our wife here used to go to school with Chartottes mom..
Julie (28:11)
"You want to buy some candy? My school has this field tri..
Kinzy (28:46)
"Are you guys making out alot?", "All the time, we just c..
Aubrey (28:41)
How about we all get naked, it's so much more comfortable..
Emily (29:09)
"When I got older I found out that I was bisexual".. so o..
Sammy (29:22)
Sammy thought she was only going home with this married c..
Jackie (29:07)
"So, Jackie, ever done anything with a couple before?".. ..
Ruby (29:08)
So, we're going to let her think she's participating in a..
Alexia (29:07)
"What's up with the camera?", "That's just like our littl..
Kimberly (27:23)
Picking up a random teen girl is the first part of the tr..
Ashley (26:44)
Another blonde teen enters our website to be banged by a ..
Allison (29:28)
Next door teen girl Allison wasn't really sure if she wan..
Sindee (28:04)
Sindee wasn't quite on time to her appointment with this ..
Faye (26:48)
We found this teen chick right next to a video game, just..
Ashley (29:41)
"Did you go to the beach with out sun lotion?".. this is ..
Mary Anne (42:12)
Our couple in this update had been talking about a threes..
Lana (36:49)
We met this girl Lana in the supermarket the other day an..
Shasta (26:12)
"She responded to my ad on the internet but she doesn't k..
Emma (37:51)
"She is going to do her laundry at our place tonight". We..
Misty (38:37)
"You wanna come home for some refreshment?" .. "I'm not s..
Jeanie Marie (37:43)
There's nothing that this couple wont do to help our teen..
Kelsey (38:33)
So teen girl Kelsey stand by the sidewalk waiting for her..

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